How the exploration of 3D form drives my design journey

City Brooch by Contemporary Jeweller Dawn Meaden-Johnson |

My love of geometric shape and observations of architecture feature heavily and my Jewellery which demonstrates colourful or textural surprises.

Three dimensional form is a very important aspect of my design work, I'm always considering how light impacts the geometric through movement and how the juxtaposition of colour can surprise or compliment the design. That is why anodised aluminium is the perfect material for me, it always seems to fit the brief for my design concepts.

My design journey is conceived from the relationships between structure and colour, how these can be used to strengthen, temper or create surprise.

During the CONCEPTION I ask myself

- How can I make colour surprise?

During the CREATION I consider

- How can colour be highly sculpted? How can colour delight?"

The design intention gives great importance to the impact movement has in the exhibition of a chosen colour nuance. The satisfying perfection of geometry is teased into an informal representation.

My Jewellery Design Journey is always a collaboration of five pieces that always come together;

- Technical skill

- Always questioning design and fearless decision making

- Always taking risks

- Problem solving

- Perfecting final finish

Otherwise how can I be my best creatively?

Author: Dawn Meaden-Johnson / Dawnstorm Jewellery