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I'm Dawn Meaden-Johnson and I use adapted traditional Jewellery and silversmithing techniques to create innovative and colourful three dimensional fine art jewellery from hand painted Anodised Aluminium.

I'm interested in creating contemporary abstract pieces with a narrative. Sometime the narrative is formed prior to making, and often a simple narrative is developed into a more complex idea during the making journey. 

I enjoy the challenge of working with Anodised Aluminium’s unusual properties, it’s a difficult material to work with but very rewarding. Not being able to solder components requires much thought during the design  and making process, but I find this problem solving aspect intensely satisfying.
Fleur Brooch by Dawn Meaden-Johnson for
I'm a Contemporary Jeweller

I have a passion for making brooches, as these express my design journey for offering surprising colourful and three dimensional works.

I do make other styles of jewellery too!

I'm a metal artist

I love colour and once I discovered Anodised Aluminium it seemed natural to add metal to my paintings. 

I'm a graduate Silversmith of  The Birmingham City University School of Jewellery

And I worked there for almost 10 years developing and managing their prestigious Short & Bespoke course programme projects. 

Dawn Meaden-Johnson _Founder and Director The Bespoke Jewellery Training Co_2022.jpg
I have been working in the Jewellery Industry for over 25 Years

Starting in Retail with Jewellery Store giants, Signet Group. Over 10 years I worked in a variety of roles including: Marketing, Branding, Branch Operations, Sales and Export.

Almost 10 Years at BCU School of Jewellery, as Project Manager of as Short Course Content development and event management. 

I'm now a specialist training consultant for the Jewellery Industry.

The Bespoke Jewelley Training Company

In 2014 I founded The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company.

I wanted to give makers of any skill level access to tuition from some of the best and most experienced Jewellers and Industry specialists in the UK, who teach in their own workshops.

I created business model created by connections to help Jewellers with their professional development.

I'm also an independent jewellery training consultant 


I'm passionate about helping other makers develop their skills.


It's important for makers / creatives to push boundaries, be inspired and learn from other expert makers and to also develop enterprise skills to give their creative businesses the best chance of success.


I believe continuous professional development (CPD) enables excellence and encourages the UK Jewellery trade to develop and prosper. 

Contact details

Tel 07703 287640



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