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My favourite piece of Jewellery? - A selfish choice

When asked what is my favourite piece of Jewellery my response is -

Imagine brooch: Dawn Meaden-Johnson at

I do have family sentimental jewellery, however every time I make a piece of jewellery in those moments of creation the jewellery work in progress is my favourite piece.

Occasionally the making journey becomes something far more important to me and I decide I cannot let the piece be sold.

This particular piece was not designed in the traditional manner but evolved as I started making;

- A simple shape was formed, twisted.

- Shapes were placed, removed, added and eventually joined.

- Placing adjoining colours was considered, conceived, changed and implemented.

- The final brooch shape evolved and became something to save.

A favoured piece of Jewellery, this brooch is one of those selfishly saved pieces.

Imagine Brooch- Materials: Hand painted and formed Anodised Aluminium

Imagine Brooch

by Dawn Meaden-Johnson

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