A Difficult/Easy Creative Decision

Its Decided

I can’t be a prolific commercial jeweller anymore because somehow that undescribable artistic smattering of something special in the design of my work gets too diluted for my liking. How can any maker dilute their design ideas and still be be happy with the end result?

Not using precious metals in my work is both a disadvantage and a blessing

The Disadvantage - Any work not in precious metals is somehow deemed less valuable - my designs are valuable!

The Advantage - Colour. Making colour work in a three dimensional way is hugely important part of my design ethos.

So... I have decided to only make one-off pieces of wearable art. That probably means I’m a contemporary Art Jeweller. That definitely means I’ll be happier and more creative.

That means I can let my work speak as it should.

That means I can create more cocktail rings. They are not meant to last forever. They are fragile. They are meant to be noticed.

Ripple Cocktail Ring by Dawn Meaden-Johnson

My new plan

Only make one-off statement pieces to order.

Only make "Hero Pieces"

Only make a story to wear.

Work harder and stretch my technical capabilities to make a design work.