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"Beyond the Blue" Exhibition| Gill Wing Gallery London

An tantalising open call for applications caught my eye this summer.

Prestigious Contemporary Jewellery Gallery Gill Wing Gallery in London were are creating an exhibition to celebrate the captivating color of blue, highlighted by a range of artists using blue in a special piece of Jewellery.

Jewellery celebrating colour is a match made in heaven for my work, and I therefore set to creating the perfect piece to submit for this amazing exhibition opportunity.

Jewellery Design Concept - Marina Brooch by Dawn Meaden-Johnson

With a brooch in mind, my musing kept returning to the sparkling mediterranean.

How I could convey the triangular design concept into a tangible design?

Trusting my instinct a free-hand pattern was created and from this "Marine Brooch "was born.

Choosing which patterns and colours of anodised aluminium to select for the design was almost as time consuming as fabricating the brooch.

Finally I wanted to add an element of surprise, a tiny splash of gold colour hiding within the geometry.

Completed | Submitted | ACCEPTED | Delighted

Marina Brooch by Dawn Meaden-Johnson 2017

Materials: Hand painted Anodised Aluminium, Steel pin.

Beyond the Blue Exhibition | Gill Wing Gallery, Islington London | July - September 2017

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