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Dawn Meaden-Johnson _ Contemporary Jewel
Dawn Meaden-Johnson _ Contemporary Jewel
Dawn MeadenJohnson D02GalaxyRing&Brooch

During design concept, I'm thinking in colour and considering how to accentuate the three dimensional aspect, that why I adore making Brooches, they allow you more room to push out into the design space. 

Finally bringing the design to conclusion I use adapted traditional Silversmithing techniques on hand painted anodised aluminium.

I'm always considering the final aesthetic and stretching the capabilities of the aluminium, every piece is an exploration of that process.

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Why  Anodised Aluminium is my perfect choice for Contemporary Jewellery |

Geo necklace from Dawn Meaden-Johnson 20

In the Making 

The unique properties of Anodised Aluminium allow the creation of a lightweight, non-allergic, colourful bespoke jewellery.

Blue circles ring 2023_edited.jpg

Sheets of specialist aluminium are individually hand painted and heat treated to create a completely non transferable coloured metallic surface.

The hand painted designs are extremely difficult to replicate making each painted sheet of metal a unique work of art.

Dawnstorm Jewellery 2008_125.jpg

Each piece of jewellery is carefully completed occasionally with the addition of Sterling Silver or other materials such as Steel, Rubber, Pearls, or Gold.

Once the metal has been painted Jewellery and Silversmithing skills are required to form this challenging metal into beautiful pieces of Contemporary Jewellery. 

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