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My jewellery work is inspired by the relationship between structure and colour. Influenced by the geometric my work aims to strengthen, temper or create surprise within a dimensional form.


The design intention gives great importance to the impact movement has in the exhibition of a chosen colour nuance.

The satisfying perfection of geometry is teased into an informal representation. Later collections explore the use of recycled materials alongside anodise aluminium.



During design concept I'm always thinking about how can colour be sculpted, how can colour delight?

Dawn Meaden-Johnson

Recycled Collection | Galaxy | Hero Pieces


 Reclamation Project |  Hero Piece

Gradient Ocean

Lockdown Jewellery Prokect 2020 |  Hero Pieces

Brooches | Collection 1

Brooches | Collection 2


Earrings | Collection 1

Earrings | Collection 2

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Sherbert by Dawn MeadenJohnson


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